We can help with Kubernetes Networking

Kubernetes networking can be complicated. While the upstream distribution does not contain any networking functionality, each distribution and cloud provider bundles what they believe to be the best CNI cluster networking solution. Next comes external access with loadbalancers, gateways and ingress controllers, there are more than 20 different ingress controllers available today, that each need to be combined with a loadbalancer or specific node configuration to provide application access.  The new Gateway API provides the opportunity for a simpler more compreshenisive solution however implementations again vary adding complexity. Add application level networking in the form of Service Meshes to the cluster networking complexity and each cluster now as a complex set of networking components each providing different components of the necessary networking functionality.

However organizations have more than one cluster, in some cases tens or hundreds of clusters. Interconnecting clusters further complicates Kubernetes networking and usually requires integration with existing enterprise network assets. With so many new, complex components, building a robust, secure environment that meets the need of customers, users and developers has never been more difficult.

Acnodal can help. We have an uncommon combination of large scale platform, network and cloud native skills and experience in development, planning, implementation. The development of PureLB, EPIC and ClusterColleKtive has resulted in deep technical skills in Kubernetes, Kubernetes/Linux Networking and specialist technologies such as eBPF and FDIO, we can help with other Kubernetes and network infrastructure components necessary to implement a robust, scaled, infrastructure platform.

Whether your just getting started on your kubernetes journey or already have a significant kubernetes footprint, we can help your organization create greater value from your investment by helping create a robust, scaleable, secure platform that meets the needs of customers, users and developers