PureLB - Fast Cluster Access

PureLB is a Service LoadBalancer and Egress Controller for Kubernetes. It provides Proxyless access to PODs resulting in the fastest and simpliest access supporting every protocol.

The LoadBalancer API in Kubernetes enables external access to cluster services and in turn applications running in PODs. A LoadBalancer controller responds to the requests for external access and implements the functions necessary to get traffic to the nodes. How this functionality is implemented by different LoadBalancer controllers differs significantly. Cloud providers LoadBalancers implement L3/4 Proxies to distribute traffic to nodes. Other LoadBalancers add additional network protocol support complicating deployment and operations.

- Proxyless, traffic routed directly to cluster nodes
- Leverages switches hardware based multipath load balancing
- Only IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack solution
- Egress ensures POD originating traffic uses External Address
- Supports any Kubernetes Cloud or Vendor
- Route Route Access Service
- Open Source, thousands of users

PureLB takes a different approach to implementing local LoadBalancer Services. It leverages the native capabilities of Linux to add IPv4 or IPv6 (Dual Stack) addresses to the local network and provides a simple mechanism to allow both independent, and CNI's with routing software included to distribute routes to upstream switches and routers. Using routers and routing protocols is the best way to integrate a Service LoadBalancer as it can leverage hardware based Equal Cost Multipath routing to load balance traffic at wire rates.

Acnodal's Remote Routed Access Service for PureLB adds an additional mode to PureLB allowing public address allocation and internet routing to be handled by Acnodal, with encrypted traffic sent directly to each Node containing application PODs.

PureLB is OpenSource maintained by Acnodal and is used in thousands of clusters.