Acnodal launches ThemoKline

A Medium Publication on k8s Networking

Acnodal launched an online publication called ThermoKline on the popular online news and storytelling platform Medium. ThemoKline dives it the depth of Kubernetes Networking, proving education and examples helping kubernauts build the possible network infrastructure for their platforms.

“While there are lots of example configurations and how-to posts for k8s on the Internet, I struggled to find the detailed explanations on exactly how k8s networking works” said Adam Dunstan, co-founder Acnodal. “I decided that we could help the community by creating content that provides both detailed explanations with examples. Our goal with ThemoKline is to create a space where Networking experts can learn and discuss k8s”.

ThemoKline can be found on Medium. While Acnodal contributes and manages ThemoKline, we commit to keeping ThemoKline an independent, impartial resource. We welcome contributions and continue to contribute.

About Acnodal, Inc.

Acnodal is a developer of Cloud Native Network infrastructure. We unlock the potential of Cloud Native technology in Hybrid and Private Cloud deployments. Acnodal was founded in 2020 by experts in large scale infrastructure development and deployment.