EPIC - API Gateway Service

Today's applications consist of frontends and backends.  Companies have undertaken significant efforts to streamline frontend and backend environments but overlooked connectivity in between, creating a connectivity nightmare that negates their efforts. Acnodal's next generation Gateway Platform ensures that customers get connectivity right the first time and enables API Gateways in minutes without the specialist skills required by the DIY alternatives.

- Internet accessible API Gateways created in minutes
- Uses new Kubernetes Gateway API
- Powered by Envoy Proxy
- Gateways used by clusters, not installed in every cluster
- Multiple, shareable API Gateways per cluster
- Created by users from blueprints templates
- Request sent directly to PODS
- Modern Security with traditional isolation

EPIC is an API Gateway Services built for Kubernetes. Using a controller installed on the Kubernetes cluster, users can create API gateways on demand in their application Namespaces and connect PODs to Gateways using HTTPRoute, TLSRoute, TCPRoute or UDPRoute. Each cluster can have as many gateways as needed, and gateways can be shared across namespaces

Gateways are on-demand, each gateway instance consists of a two or more Envoy proxies connected to the public Internet. Gateways are created from blueprints developed by network and security experts, and include automated certificate management as well as other request and security management features.

EPIC and the Gateway Controller implement a network transport that enables Cluster located behind NATs to access the EPIC service and use Gateway instances. EPIC further uses this transport to send request directly to nodes and POD endpoints avoiding additional proxies. EPIC implements API Gateway service with redundancy and request never transit more than one proxy ensuring maximum performance and functionality.

Acnodal leveraged the EPIC gateways location outside of the cluster to enable Multi-cluster/cloud. Gateways can be shared between clusters in different locations and on different public or private providers. This functionality is valuable for application life- cycle management and redundancy

Envoy used in the EPIC gateway provides the most extensive proxy engine functionality and access to a rich ecosystem of additional functional integrations, such as Authorization, Policy and Security, again without adding multiple chained proxies in the customer request path.