About Acnodal, Inc.

We connect clusters. Our platforms connect clusters to external users, either directly or via API gateways, interconnect clusters, and connect clusters to non-kubernetes resources. Acnodal provides a complete set of solutions for cluster and resource connectivity solutions for Kubernetes

At Acnodal we understand the need for heterogeneity. Especially in the early adoption period for new technologies, companies attempt to promote a single platform solution that they claim addresses all needs, that requires deployment of their solution everywhere. However these solution cannot address all needs and the reality that all clusters will not be the same because they were developed by different teams, operate on different cloud providers or use different infrastructure vendors. Homogeneous solutions result in more complexity than they claim to solve.

Our solutions are designed to be compatible with any kubernetes implementation on any infrastructure provider, including public clouds and private platforms. Our solutions provide uniform connectivity and functionality irrespective of the hosting platform.

As Cloud computing and Kubernetes adoption grows, the importance of connectivity to and between cluster resources increases. Data and applications isolated in Clusters and providers dramatically reduces the value of those assets to your organizations. Increasing retained data has infrastructure gravity, it will remain and grow in the original infrastructure location. Using an an organization wide, platform neutral access and interconnect infrastructure ensures that organizations maximize the value of their data and applications assets to the benefit of customers and the organization

Acnodal, Inc. is a private company founded in 2020 by experts in large scale application and infrastructure development and deployment.

Whats in a name? An acnode is an isolated point in the solution of a polynomial equation in two real variables. Isolation is a key element in Access security patterns. Acnodal is also an anagram of the first names of the founders.