Cluster ColleKtive

More than one Kubernetes cluster is common for organizations, in some cases organizations have hundreds of clusters with each cluster providing a unique customer or development environment. While this specialization increases individual use case development, each cluster isolates valuable applications and data. Connecting cluster resources and non-k8s resources ensures that maximum value is realized from application and information assets.

- Connectivity between clusters - powered by Network Service Mesh
- Project PODs, namespaces, services or complete clusters
- Secure network based connectivity between clusters
- Connect database replication or Service Mesh gateways
- Present external non-k8s resources as endpoints into clusters
- Chain intermediate security & management functions in network path
- Integrate with Enterprise, Carrier & Cloud network services & topologies

Cluster ColleKtive provides connectivity between cluster resources. These resources can be individual PODs, Namespaces, Services or all Cluster resources. Non Kubernetes resources can also be added to the collective.

Once installed, resources are published as Network Services. These Network Services consist of application PODS and sidecars that enable clients to connect to network services in federated clusters. Acnodal provides a number of Network Service Modules enabling selective resource publishing. To use a published resource, a client Service Module is used to connect to the desired resource. Each client module is designed to project specific resources into the client cluster.

Connectivity between clusters does not have to be limited to a point-to-point connectivity, Cluster ColleKtive can be used to create chains of network resources enabling additional security applications. The default connectivity between clusters is encrypted, however Cluster ColleKtive can be customized to work with any enterprise, cloud or provider network, automating setup and connectivity to published resources

The foundation of Cluster ColleKtive is Network Service Mesh - a CNCF Project